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  •  Manchester United is also lucky because they have only one Moyes. Rooney, Van Persie, Mata and Janu Zai's offensive combination is clearly not take, no way to NBA Live Mobile Coins speed, the road and lack of cooperation, the whole game down Manchester United in their own home actually only a poor hit. Van Persie has been a few games obscure, offside times and shot times as much as half the time and even the number of times and Liverpool goalkeeper Miniori quite, the game 4 header for 0 successful.


    In view of Van Persie recently open rumor that never thought to NBA 2K18 MT Coins leave Manchester United, the media interpretation of this is "forced away" Moyes rhythm. Led Manchester United played 29 rounds, lost 9 of them (31%), the number of goals in the Liverpool team with the premise of the number of goals actually less than the opponent a total of 30, in fact, the Red Army this season In the Premiership away goal is almost Manchester United in the Dream Theater goal number 2 times,


    Liverpool team only in the first half of the goal is 48, Manchester United played more than the audience more than 2 goals The In the same period last year, Manchester United is 74 points lead the Premiership, while the Liverpool team is ranked seventh in 45 points; just a year later replaced the coach of the Red Devils and the Red Army transferred a few children. Liverpool fans are now dare to Old Trafford to humiliate Moyes, and this time in the Ferguson era is absolutely not the scene.


     The Red Army fans made a banner early and wrote "David - Moyes is a football genius" and with Moyes a look of surprise staring at the big eyes of the photo, very ironic. Manchester United fans are listed three reasons to prove that Moyes must be fired. One is in the transfer market bad signings; Second, technical and tactical aspects of incompetence; Third, Manchester United fans have been defection of the club is extremely unfavorable.


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